For as far back as I remember, art has been an integral part of my life. I began painting for my own pleasure before I studied with several well-known art teachers. I then began showing my work in banks and galleries in Arizona.
I worked 28 years in banking. Walter Bimson, founder of the Valley National Bank, was a great Art promoter and collector. The bank had an employee art show for many years. I won the Blue Ribbon three consecutive times! My work was exhibited and selling in branch offices in the Phoenix and Tucson areas --- the rest is history.
My favorite studio-gallery was the one my husband built in beautiful Sedona, Arizona, where we lived for 5 years before returning to Phoenix. My love of music inspired me to name this studio “Lillian’s Windmill Gallery” after the song “Windmills of Your Mind.” .
Keeping an outlet to contribute my time and talent is important, and there are several philanthropic and patriotic organizations I support.
Versatile in most traditional Medias, I enjoy expressing feelings with many colors in my dramatic abstracts.
When you view my work, I hope you go beyond the frame. Our creativity awaits our discovery --- Every day is a new beginning.
Thanks and enjoy the show.